Coming soon to Ellumiglow, the future of wearable lighting. We are proud to welcome VynEL, a versatile lighting product made specifically for wearables in mind. Flexible, crushable, durable, oh, and machine washable! This new generation of EL Panels is perfect for safety gear, sporting goods, athletic and outer wear, costuming, tradeshow exhibits and more.

Now, light can take the shape of nearly any fabric, allowing for maximum versatility in wearable applications. Looking to team up with Electroluminescent experts? Ellumiglow has been developing Electroluminescent technology and develops custom lighting applications for small to Fortune 500 businesses. If you are looking to prototype or go into production with VynEL for your next athletic gear project, please contact us. We have offices in Portland, Oregon to develop and design custom lighting, and production facilities in China and Taiwan.   

 VynEL By Ellumiglow

VynEL Colors By Ellumiglow