Ellumiglow is excited to announce a new partnership between Lumilor to distribute EL Paint products across the United States and North America. With a specialized mixture that allows you to light up just about any object, Ellumiglow is excited to announce the beginning of a bright future with one of today's most amazing new lighting products. 


Lumilor was started in 2009 with founder Andy Zsinko, an aftermarket painter and the mastermind behind the Lumilor EL Paint product. He was having beers with friends when he came across the realization that he should be able to do better than Glow in the Dark paints. With relatively short lifespans and limited brightness, he knew if there was a way to charge glow paint, he could generate additional brightness and be able to control when and how it turns on. Fast forward to today, and this multi-step process of Electroluminescence to charge the paint gives the ability to add light to nearly anything. 

For more information on Electroluminescent Paint or how to purchase, please go to https://www.ellumiglow.com/electroluminescence/el-paint or contact us at info@ellumiglow.com.