We've all heard of LED, OLED, and all the other variations of LED, but here's a new one for you. EL Paint. EL Paint is brand new to the world in 2015 and by the looks of it, one of the coolest lighting products we've ever seen. Let's get more into why this technology is so cool and how it can be used.

1. Application - EL Paint can be applied virtually anywhere regular paint can go. Shoes, clothing, cars, bikes, helmets, motorcycles, buildings and more! Because EL Paint has a beautiful even glow throughout the panel, professional but brilliant applications are available for designers, architects, costumers, and more. 

2. Eco-Friendly - There are few products that can boast how eco friendly they are, but EL Paint takes the cake. Using 99% recycleable materials, and waterbased structure, Electroluminescent Paint is about as eco-friendly as light can get. 

3. Cool - There are few lights that you see that are actually appealing to the eye. Many direct lighting sources have a very bright core that's hard to look at, causing sun spots or eye irritations. EL Paint is a soft, even light that gives off a fabulous glow. 

4. Sequencing Effects - Many lights are hard to control, but EL Paint can take to any shape, 2D or 3D, and you can sequence nearly any part of it. Here's a cool gif showing you some of the effects it can take on.

el paint sequenced on tesla

If you are a business looking for next generation lighting and want to use EL Paint to do it, then we want to speak with you. Ellumiglow.com is the best manufacturer of EL Paint products and inverters and applications for this product are endless!