Let's face it, this year has been... different. Who knows what Halloween will bring, but it's still fun to dress up. If you've ever wanted to make a simple, easy costume that gets attention (and keeps you safe in the meantime), read on! Costuming can be difficult, especially when you want to stand out, be safe, or make your own cool costume. Using this process will make you the envy of the block and you don't even have to tell your neighbors or friends how easy it was! Step 1: Buy your VynEL™ panel in the shape you want. Superhero costumes are a cinch with just a circle and some heat transfer vinyl. Step 2: Simply cut out (or use a plotter to cut) the shape you want, peel away any excess material (that you want to light up), and prepare your surface. Step 3: Make sure your surface is free from debris and flat and place directly onto your VynEL™ Panel (with the light side UP). Hot setting (no steam). Step 4: Press firmly with your iron for about 15-20 seconds making sure to move slowly across the surface. Step 5: Lift iron off surface and let cool for 1 min (surface will be very hot!) Step 6: Remove film and find a battery pack to turn on! Step 7: If you have heat bonding material (like Heat 'N Bond), do the same steps as above to your garment. The VynEL™ panel should bond nicely to most fabrics for an integrated panel that was done in less than an hour! If you have any suggestions for future posts, DIY projects, or anything else, please feel free to contact us!