Lighting Technology Blog

  1. New Location!

    Portland! You've been great. We're excited to announce we are moving locations starting Sept 23rd, 2019. Please come see us at our new address at:

    5755 Jean Rd. STE 104
    Lake Oswego, OR 97035

    Why did we move?
    Being near downtown has brought many new faces to us, but also caused headaches regarding parking, street closures, the increasing transient population and more. Construction is continuing in the inner SE Portland at a rapid pace, and unfortunately our time has come to take a step outside of downtown Portland to bring you a more retail friendly space. That includes having ample parking, an easy step off the I5 Freeway and easy access from Beaverton, Portland, Clackamas, Happy Valley, Oregon City, Wilsonville, Tualatin. Come see our new location and you will see why it was an easy decision to take a step outside the city.

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  2. VynEL™ Lighting For Costuming & Special Effects

    In terms of lighting products, VynEL is one of our favorites right now, and simultaneously it is one of the most cutting edge products when it comes to the world of lighting technology.
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    Here at Ellumiglow, we are all about custom lighting solutions. Many of the projects that have used our specialty LED Strip Lighting, Laser Wire, and VynEL products are either custom, one-off projects or products that...
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  4. Introducing TruEL™ Wire - A Better EL Wire For Stage, Set and Events

    We are pleased to annouce a new product to the Ellumiglow lineup, meet TruEL™ Wire, a more robust, multi-core wire with endless potential...
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  5. Pixel-Free LED Trim For Retail Displays

    The all-new Pixel-Free LED Trim is a brilliant lighting source for retail displays due to the beautiful light output, even light distribution, vibrant colors and flexible nature
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  6. 5 Unique Outdoor Lighting Ideas

    Looking for a way to spruce up your backyard? We all know lights can change a space and add depth, excitement and make a drab space where you want to hang out and invite your friends. So without further ado, here are 5 creative outdoor lighting ideas for your backyard.
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  7. VynEL Application Guide

    So…you’re looking for a way to add some snazzy, flashy bling to your next wearable project, costume (and bicycle if you’re in Portland) and you’ve decided that plain old glitter and streamers isn’t going to cut it anymore. Perhaps you’ve even tried using readily available EL Wire or LED lights, and found them to be too dim, too fragile, or not flexible enough for costuming and custom garments...
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  8. The History and Differences Between LED Strip Lighting And Laser Wire®

    The first light-emitting diode and laser diode was introduced in the early 1960s. Since then, both lighting technologies have come a long way in efficiency, practicality, and brightness.

    LED Strip lighting has been commercially available for over 15 years, while Laser Wire® has been only on the market just over three years...
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  9. DIY Video Tutorial On Soldering LED Strips

    In this tutorial, Jared shows us how to solder LED Strips properly. Follow along as you use your favorite LED strip lighting and start making some connections!
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  10. Introducing VynEL™ Flow - The World's First Stretchable Light

    Lighting, since we have been introduced to the incandescent light bulb over 100 years ago, has been known as a fragile, fixed bulb that emits a bright light to its surroundings. When you think about it, not much is different from today’s LEDs, only the size has become much smaller. The “bulb” in an LED is still rigid, and still relatively fragile...
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