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9v SewGlo™ Battery Pack (Up to 20m)

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Compact, Yet Powerful Battery Pack
Powers Up to 20m (65ft) of SewGlo™ thread
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9v Battery Pack powers 1-20 feet of Electric Optics wire or 60sqin of EL Tape, Panels or VynEL™ Lighting. This unit will power up to 20 feet of Electric Optics 2.6mm and 5.0mm series EL Wire and newer very effectively. Lengths over 20 feet may experience dimmer EL Wire depending on the battery used. Unit will power 0-20' of Electric Optics Welted EL Wire. Battery pack has single push button for Flash Toggle, along with variable flash rate wheel and variable brightness wheel.

This battery pack is great for costumes. It is thin, lightweight and easy to place in a pocket or clip on to a belt. It comes with a constant on/off switch, variable flash rate, and variable brightness. Female end of our E-Z snap System hooks directly into unit. This can also be hooked up to DC (Plug-in) Power. 9v Battery not included.

More Information
Manufacturer Ellumiglow
Specs 9v SewGlo™ Battery Pack powers 4-20m (65ft) of SewGlo™ Illuminated Thread.

Dimensions: 2.5" x 2.3" x 1.2"
The 9V EL Wire Battery Pack requires a load to help the inverter work for years. Turning the inverter on without a load (or less than 4m) will eventually cause a spike which causes it's demise. Always test the battery pack with at least 4m of SewGlo™ cable. This inverter runs at a maximum of 1760Hz oscillation, which is slightly audible. To reduce this audible frequency, opening the case padding and placing a thick foam tape will alleviate this sound. A little hot glue neatly placed around the capacitor will allow for near silent operation.
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