SewGlo™ Illuminated Thread - By The Meter

SewGlo™ Illuminated Thread - By The Meter

SewGlo™ 12V Silent EL Inverter (Powers Up To 12m)

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LOW to NO Noise Inverter
Compact, Efficient Design
Powers 1-12m of SewGlo™ Thread
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You know the saying, silence is golden? Well, we have good news for you! The new 12V Silent SewGlo™ Inverter is a brilliant way to power any of your SewGlo™ products that you don't want to hear. This inverter is able to power a TOTAL of 1-8m of SewGlo™ thread. The compact, yet efficient inverter uses proprietary technology to achieve high illumination without the high-pitched whining that EL has been known for. The inverter doesn't care if you have multiple smaller pieces, or one large length of thread, simply total the entire length to make sure it falls within the specifications.

This inverter operates at a higher frequency than other inverters we offer. You may notice the higher frequency shifts the hue of the plain teal (we call Vibrant Blue). The teal will become shift more towards blue, and the white will also shift to a cooler color temperature. While this inverter is quite silent, loading the inverter on the upper end of the range (around 8+ meters SewGlo™ fiber) will cause the inverter to come into audible range. This is still very minimal and more quiet than many inverters we offer.

Works with EL Wire AC Adapter or Simple AA Battery Holder. Ideal for quiet environments like residential, hotel, commercial, museum and more, this inverter is what you've been waiting to listen to (or not). Inverter is quiet enough to hold up to your ear and not hear anything.
More Information
Manufacturer Future Illuminations
Specs Size: 1.125" x 0.9" x 0.8" (28x25x21mm)
Input: 12V DC
Input Size: 1.35mm DC Female Plug
Output Voltage: 65V-75V
Output Frequency: 6500-8800Hz
Cable Length: Input=54", Output: 10"
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