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EL Wire, EL Tape, and EL Panels



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EL Wire & Nightclub Lighting!

At Ellumiglow, we strive to bring you the latest, most innovated products from around the globe. We work directly with factories from around the world to bring you the most unique selection of products we guarantee you won't find in your local stores! Inside, you will find a wide variety of products that range from practical household items, glowing party pleasers and nighttime safety devices. now sells direct to the public, to nightclubs, stage and event lighting, and other venues. Browse around our site for the latest laser lights, Club Lighting, as well as unique neon lighting such as EL Panels and EL Tape.

Electroluminescent Lighting has become a new lighting standard among people striving for exceptional lighting. It is a great new technology that lights up in 360 degrees and can be seen from hundreds of yards away, even in complete darkness. It is low on power consumption, but high on brightness. Similar to LED lights, this glowing wire comes in a number of different colors, and is sure to please anyone. Use it around the house, for costumes, or even for your business. Electroluminescent technology has become extremely fashionable among singers, DJ's and party goers, and was made wildly famous from the movie TRON. It is an easy way to stay in a group in crowded venues, a fantastic way to get noticed, and it provides a trendy and hip edge to daily outfits. Check out our Ready Made Electroluminescent Kits for a simple, yet effective way to light up!

Our Club Lasers have become a necessity for today's nightclubs, and are a huge leap compared to laser lights even a decade ago. What most people don't know is the secret to utilizing lasers is the key to success. Making sure you have enough power, choosing the correct color, and keeping up with the newest technology, guarantees you'll have the hippest club around. Check out our vast selection of DJ lasers, club lasers, and large venue lasers, which are sufficient enough to light up the night's sky.

Another bright aspect of focuses solely on Club and DJ Lights. Club Lighting is so vital in regards to party goers venue selection. One guest may choose your bar over the next, so make sure your lighting is up to today's standards. We work with DJ's and club owners from around the country to find their desired packages. We have small, medium and large scale packages available for a simple turn-key solution. Keeping up with lighting trends is imperative, and clubs now have to utilize a color scheme to get noticed. Halogen, Neon and incandescent lights are becoming an outdated method of lighting, as new technology allows the latest products like LED Lights and Electroluminescent Technologies to step in its place. Thanks to new lighting technologies that you'll find on this site, you can now become the brightest and greatest in the industry. prides itself on finding the most unique neon lighting from around the globe. Check back often as we are always bringing you the latest and greatest lighting technologies from this dynamic and emergent industry.

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